We focus on building long-term partnerships with industry operators and industry experts to boost the sustainable development of the assets we invest in

About Blu H- Energy

Blu H- Energy is an Alternative Green Investment Platform specialized in the biomethane and green hydrogen sector.

Our expertise spans across the fields of asset management and origination, boasted by significant partnerships with technological, regulatory and specialist players in the sector.

Our vision: to lead the biomethane and green hydrogen industries’ growth by placing ourselves at the forefront of the green energy revolution, engaging environmental responsibility and profitability as drivers.
Holding circular economy and sustainability as the two pillars of our approach, we fully operate along the industry’s value chain: starting with biomethane production from agricultural and livestock by-products, through plant management, upgrading with best-in-class technology, to sale and valorisation of all production outputs (biomethane, CO2, digestate as a natural fertilizer), by exploiting our strong financial capabilities.

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Our mission

Blu H- Energy's mission is to become the reference player in the renewable energy sector of biomethane and hydrogen.

We invest in the best business projects, to help Italy and Europe move away from fossil energy into a more sustainable way of living, by achieving the net-zero emission target, and ensuring national energy security for a greener future.

Our strategy

Our strategy is rooted in innovation, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

Through a multi-layer approach based on a technical, industrial, and agricultural perspective we strive to pave the way of green energy asset management leveraging our multidisciplinary capabilities through our team of experts and network of partners.